Sofia Monaco Werks' Gemballa 993 Turbo, shot in Sofia for Type7
The wild '90s of Sofia, Bulgaria. A time of disruption, opportunity and opportunists, making the most of their new found freedom. From new businesses, hustlers, gangsters, oligarchs, there might not have been a place elsewhere that offered so much chaos. The new wealth led to ostentation and a new style; Russian Baroque. That's where we find ourselves now with this PTS White Pearl 993 Turbo imported from the UAE, and tuned Gemballa-style during the middle of the decade.
It was owned by several notorious figured in the country. The car witnessed it all.
Today the country has evolved to be virtually unrecognisable from only a few short decades ago, but if you know where to look, you can still see sights reminiscent of the '90s in its car parts shops, many of which remain virtually unchanged and fuel an often unrecognised DIY car culture that the city has maintained since the curtain fell. It's here, in this 993, that @sofiamonaco.werk recruits its team-members.
Type 7's post:
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